Riley Kern Studio & Canon: Dream Team

Howdy  Ya’ll! This last year RK Studio teamed up with Canon to teach seminars on lighting pin-ups RK style! We traveled to Nevada, Arizona, & Oceanside with a grip of gear & a truck full of talent, providing only the best hair & makeup artists, models, & Canon photo equipment this for our attendees. The … Continue reading

OC Weekly Best of 2013: Apocalpyse Survival Guide

Photography: Riley Kern Studio Art Direction: Dustin Ames Photographic Assistants: Genevieve Davis and Cameron Madani Wardrobe Stylist: Onna Sohovy Hair &  Makeup Artist: Christine Barnum Models: Megan Renee, Jeff Morgan, Jeremiah Maestre, Genevieve Davis, Christine Barnum Amelia Nightmare, & Kelly Eden Locations: El Centro CA, Glamis Sand Dunes, & the Salton Sea Howdy ya’ll! Two … Continue reading

Nickie Jean and Raime Howard go all fetish glam…

These were from a shoot I did in 2008 with models Nickie Jean and Raime Howard. I was in New Mexico and it was the first time I met my now muse, Nickie Jean. Not feeling like braving the Albuquerque heat that day we decided to stay indoors, and it paid off. Nickie and Raime … Continue reading

The Shark still Bites! : Mark “Fightshark” Miller is BACK!

If  making a comeback to fight after undergoing open-heart surgery seems unheard of it’s because it is!  However, the fighter who is about to change this and overcome all odds and obstacles is none other than former K-1 Heavyweight Mark “Fightshark” Miller. I first met Mark a couple of months back as he came out … Continue reading

Muay Thai Exhibition: Fight of the Day

On my quest to document all things Fight Academy, I tagged along to the Muay Exhibiton held at Fightworx gym in Pasadena a few weeks back.  FA had 7 talented fighters who were matched up that day, all were quite amazing. The coaching of Joseph Del Real and Savant Young has definitely paid off for … Continue reading

Savant Young: Uncertainties and a Pit Bull

Here is a small out take from a short Documentary I am doing on Pro MMA fighter Savant Young. Coming back from his morning run he talks with us candidly about training for a fight and the uncertainties behind it. He also expresses his love (sarcasm) of the roadwork that is required to get him … Continue reading

Rain O’er Me: Ivy D’Muerta all wet…

…but sooooooo not washed up… Last weekend I had the pleasure of doing two photo shoots with one of my favorite models and muses, Ivy D’Muerta. Saturday we worked on finising our Metamucil Pin-Up series (not as “shitty” as it sounds). Sunday we produced our fashion birdcage story in the studio (both are soon to … Continue reading

Tough As Nails: Pain is the Name

Going in to shoot these fighters as they train hard every week has taught me even more about what they will go through and risk in order to follow their hearts and their dreams. Every time I’m in I watch the various injuries they endure, bloody noses, bruised shins, nasty blisters, pulled muscles and less … Continue reading

Savant Young: In The Zone

Shot a ton of good B roll footage of Savant hitting the mitts today at Fight Academy with Coach Del Real. I saw this light toward the end of the session and took this moment to get a still portrait too. “In The Zone”  need I say more?

The Fighters: Portraits

So I have decided to sit down and upload a few strong portraits that I have for my series so far. These guys and girls have the most interesting faces, and even more interesting stories. The more I get to know them, the more I really like every one of them. Enjoy: