The Shark still Bites! : Mark “Fightshark” Miller is BACK!

If  making a comeback to fight after undergoing open-heart surgery seems unheard of it’s because it is!  However, the fighter who is about to change this and overcome all odds and obstacles is none other than former K-1 Heavyweight Mark “Fightshark” Miller. I first met Mark a couple of months back as he came out … Continue reading

Savant Young: In The Zone

Shot a ton of good B roll footage of Savant hitting the mitts today at Fight Academy with Coach Del Real. I saw this light toward the end of the session and took this moment to get a still portrait too. “In The Zone”  need I say more?

The Fighters: Portraits

So I have decided to sit down and upload a few strong portraits that I have for my series so far. These guys and girls have the most interesting faces, and even more interesting stories. The more I get to know them, the more I really like every one of them. Enjoy:

The Fighters cont…

On my quest to capture footage of Savant Young’s training regiment, I found myself at Bodyshop Fitness in Lakewood, CA once again today. I captured lots of great Jiu-jitsu training footage but decided to side track at the end and get a few more images for my Fighter’s series as well. These guys all work … Continue reading

Savant Young: Back on the Mat

Continuing with my personal project, I have been closely following the comeback training of Fight Academy’s Fearless leader, head Coach and Pro MMA fighter, Savant Young. Here are some of the still images I have been capturing in the process. A video will be out soon but check these out for now:

Fight Academy Friday Video

Last Friday was Fight Academy’s turn to host a sparring session between 2 other gyms, Bodyshop Fitness and Submission Factory. There were at least 40 fighters on the Mat and the place was full of positive energy. On my quest to compile footage of Savant Young’s comeback training, I have been making a few of … Continue reading

The Incredible Exploding Glove

Currently I am working on a documentary series about Savant Young’s journey back to the cage. I was at the BodyShop in Lakewood, Ca tuesday to capture some more B roll footage for the series and a few still images as well. I was testing my camera and was looking at a few different angles … Continue reading

The Fighter’s Cont…

Here are some more images from the current series I have been hard at work on. All of these people are training hard at Fight Academy in Pasadena under the guidance of Savant Young, Herb Dean and Muay Thai Coach, Joseph Del Real. #photography

Savant Young making a Comeback

This is the first video in an ongoing series I will be making about Savant Young’s road back to the cage after a debilitating injury sidelined him last year. His injury has since healed and I think it shows.

Proving Grounds 4 (Matt Reis Fight)

January 29, 2011 was the 4th Amateur fight event that Savant Young and the Fight Academy put on. It was a great night  filled with exciting fights, live Reggae music, an awesome bar and a taco bar. PROVING GROUNDS 4 These are images from one of 10 fights that night. The winner of this Fight … Continue reading