Kenneth Leverich Crossfit Open 2015 Workout 15.5

I just happened to be in OCCF yesterday for our very last workout at the old Placentia location when I caught wind that Coach Kenneth Leverich would be doing workout 15.5 for the Crossfit Open 2015. Naturally, I quickly finished my workout, went to the studio, grabbed my gear and captured this elite athlete in action! I was amazed at his focus as he went through each round and rep of this deadly workout. His face rarely shows the intense pain he puts his body through. As he’s in the midst of the workout, his brain must be somewhere only the very elite of athletes minds are capable of going. It’s not until the end that we watch him surrender to the torture that was 15.5!!

 I’m pretty happy with these considering the fact that I only had 6:13 minutes to capture them!! Just WOW!!!

  Here is a link to the Leaderboard where he currently sits at #14

Kenneth Leverich-0881

Kenneth Leverich-0883Kenneth Leverich-0881Kenneth Leverich-0883Kenneth Leverich-0901Kenneth Leverich-0902Kenneth Leverich-0903Kenneth Leverich-0907Kenneth Leverich-0908Kenneth Leverich-0909Kenneth Leverich-0920Kenneth Leverich-0923Kenneth Leverich-0926Kenneth Leverich-0931Kenneth Leverich-0932Kenneth Leverich-0933Kenneth Leverich-0934Kenneth Leverich-0936Kenneth Leverich-0937Kenneth Leverich-0943Kenneth Leverich-0947Kenneth Leverich-0952Kenneth Leverich-0953Kenneth Leverich-0966Kenneth Leverich-0968Kenneth Leverich-0970Kenneth Leverich-0973Kenneth Leverich-0975Kenneth Leverich-0977Kenneth Leverich-0978Kenneth Leverich-0982Kenneth Leverich-0987Kenneth Leverich-0990Kenneth Leverich-0993Kenneth Leverich-0994Kenneth Leverich-0995Kenneth Leverich-0997Kenneth Leverich-0998Kenneth Leverich-1006Kenneth Leverich-1008Kenneth Leverich-1009Kenneth Leverich-1011Kenneth Leverich-1013Kenneth Leverich-1014Kenneth Leverich-1016Kenneth Leverich-1022Kenneth Leverich-1079Kenneth Leverich-1082Kenneth Leverich-1084Kenneth Leverich-1027Kenneth Leverich-1038Kenneth Leverich-1041Kenneth Leverich-1042Kenneth Leverich-1043Kenneth Leverich-1044Kenneth Leverich-1049Kenneth Leverich-1050-2Kenneth Leverich-1051Kenneth Leverich-1052Kenneth Leverich-1058Kenneth Leverich-1059Kenneth Leverich-1060Kenneth Leverich-1061Kenneth Leverich-1062Kenneth Leverich-1063Kenneth Leverich-1065Kenneth Leverich-1066Kenneth Leverich-1067Kenneth Leverich-1068Kenneth Leverich-1071Kenneth Leverich-1072Kenneth Leverich-1076Kenneth Leverich-1078

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