Rain O’er Me: Ivy D’Muerta all wet…

…but sooooooo not washed up… Last weekend I had the pleasure of doing two photo shoots with one of my favorite models and muses, Ivy D’Muerta. Saturday we worked on finising our Metamucil Pin-Up series (not as “shitty” as it sounds). Sunday we produced our fashion birdcage story in the studio (both are soon to … Continue reading

Tough As Nails: Pain is the Name

Going in to shoot these fighters as they train hard every week has taught me even more about what they will go through and risk in order to follow their hearts and their dreams. Every time I’m in I watch the various injuries they endure, bloody noses, bruised shins, nasty blisters, pulled muscles and less … Continue reading

Savant Young: In The Zone

Shot a ton of good B roll footage of Savant hitting the mitts today at Fight Academy with Coach Del Real. I saw this light toward the end of the session and took this moment to get a still portrait too. “In The Zone”  need I say more?

The Fighters: Portraits

So I have decided to sit down and upload a few strong portraits that I have for my series so far. These guys and girls have the most interesting faces, and even more interesting stories. The more I get to know them, the more I really like every one of them. Enjoy:

The Fighters cont…

On my quest to capture footage of Savant Young’s training regiment, I found myself at Bodyshop Fitness in Lakewood, CA once again today. I captured lots of great Jiu-jitsu training footage but decided to side track at the end and get a few more images for my Fighter’s series as well. These guys all work … Continue reading